It feels like yoga has always been a part of my life, even though I wasn't introduced to it until my mid-twenties. As far back as I can remember I've been drawn to the expression of spirit through movement.  At a young age it was through dance, which I feel extremely blessed to have made into a career.  Once I felt that inner flame extinguished I “retired” from the dance world at the age of 23 and it wasn't until a few years later on an 8-month unintended hiatus from my job in the travel industry (lay-off) that I stumbled upon yoga in my local gym.  What I found changed the course of my life, as there was this emotional ease on the mat that I never felt before.  My years of suffering from anxiety, eating disorders and panic attacks felt like they just dissipated. 

It wasn't until many years later that I was finally ready to open myself up to what yoga had to offer besides just the physical experience on the mat.  I followed my heart and left my career in the travel industry to study with David Vendetti & Todd Skoglund of South Boston Yoga. I completed my first 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance certification with them in 2009, followed by my second 200hr RYT in 2012 with Kelly Morris, the founder of Conquering Lion Yoga in NYC. To compliment my yoga studies, I am also an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and have been teaching in the health & wellness field since 2003.   

Beyond asana, there is a shift that happens once you dive into the yogic teachings.  You go through this evaluation of your mind & body that doesn't allow you to go back to being the unconscious person you were before. My intention in class is to provide a space where you come to realize that yoga is much more than just physical movement on a mat.  I'm eternally grateful to all my teachers and students who consistently inspire my teachings, and who remind me every day that I am and always will be both.  
"Life is not having and getting, but being and becoming." ~ Mathew Arnold